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Unified Threat Management Appliance Prevents Smart Home Intruders Lurking Both Inside and Outside the Home

LAS VEGAS Fortress Cyber Security announced today at CES 2017 the FortressTM UTM, the first residential unified threat management (UTM) appliance with a large touch screen for easy set up and threat detection/notification. Fortress UTM is an all-inclusive security product able to secure both computers and internet of things (IoT) systems.

The company will display the solution at CES January 4-8 at its booth #21947 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South 1 in the personal and cyber security space. Fortress will also be featured at NXP Semiconductor in the Central Plaza – CP-25 and CP-25a and in the North Plaza – NP-2.

Smart home IoT devices are taking off; in fact, Parks Research suggests in 2016 U.S. households owned an average of 10 connected devices and analyst firm Gartner reports that there are already more than 6 billion connected “things,” and that’s set to rise to more than 20 billion by 2020.

Sadly, many of these residential IoT devices have minimal security in place and hackers are entering both home networks and through outside access points and using these devices as a gateway to infect the other systems on the network – including smartphones and computers that contain significant amounts of confidential data. Or worse, the hacked devices are used to coordinate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on companies, use computer resources to distribute stolen content (movies, music), or host and distribute sexually explicit material.

Fortress UTM provides intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and anti-virus for all Wi-Fi and IoT/Ethernet attached systems, including smart devices and also provides attacker behavior detection and device vulnerability assessments.

The appliance comes with CyberGuardTM24/7 service, the security industry’ first consumer focused Security Operations Center providing instantaneous incident response and mitigation services. The trained security experts staffing CyberGuard provide real-time verification of every connection in the home and are able to capture and detonate any connection brought into the home from an outside network. Fortress maintains a bleeding-edge threat intelligence system to combat known “security threats” and “bad actors” on the internet, and has integrated this into every Fortress UTM device for every customer.

“Until now, there has been no enterprise-grade complete solution for home worker IT/IoT data security. Alternatives are single-function solutions that protect the PC, but don’t deliver comprehensive services to every attached device,” said Peter Kassabov, chairman of Fortress Cyber Security. “The modern cybercriminal is both sophisticated and patient – Fortress UTM provides consumers with an easy-to-use device with monitoring, detection and defense for the threats they never saw coming.”

The appliance’s 7” touch screen allows the user to understand the status of their network based on status colors (green, yellow and red) and allows the user to select the level of security they’re most comfortable with, the ability to prioritize connectivity for three devices, device activity and filtering and what devices are connected to the appliance. The Fortress UTM appliance is powered by an ARM processor from NXP Semiconductor and features dual band 3/3 802.11ac Wi-Fi, full router capabilities and 4 Gigabit-Ethernet ports.

Fortress’ consumer solution will be offered as a “cyber security as a service” through partnership with “last mile” services providers, home security providers and high-end home builders and is targeted at residential users who need enterprise-grade protection for personal, business and smart home devices.

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About Fortress Cyber Security

Fortress Cyber Security is a sister company of Fortress Information Security (FIS), leading provider of third-party risk management technology and services to enterprises. The creation of Fortress Cyber Security was sparked by enterprise clients’ increasing need for information security solutions for the emerging world of IoT in remote locations and executive / home offices. FortressTM UTM is the first residential unified threat management (UTM) appliance and provides intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and anti-virus for all Wi-Fi and IoT/Ethernet attached systems, including smart devices. For more information, visit



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